Educational LINKS

FELLOW EDUCATORS have generously shared links that may be helpful to your program or needs.  Thank you!

Jolly Phonics
Jolly Works (Vancouver Island)
Louise Kool (Ontario)
Scholars Choice (Canada)
Jolly Learning (United Kingdom)
Literacy4u (Illinois)

Can Do Cubes
Can Do Education Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Literacy4u (Illinois)

Kindergarten Assessment Books
Scholastic NY
Literacy4u (Illinois)

Information on reading achievement with phonics in the UK
Reading Reform Foundation
Insight 17 : A Seven Year Study of the Effects of Synthetic Phonics
Teaching on Reading and Spelling Attainment
Debbie Hepplewhite in England
Campaign For Real Education
UKRA- United Kingdom Reading Association
Dyslexic Research Trust
Teach to Read

Information on reading achievement with phonics in the USA
The Phonics Institute
IRA International Reading Association
National Right to Read Foundation

Ontario Exemplars and Other Links
Ontario Ministry of Education

Brain Research Classroom Ideas and Resources
Dr. Jean classroom Ideas
The Smartie Zone
Reading Rockets
Debbie Hepplewhite in England
Sparkle Box

Multi-subject Great Resource Links
(as submitted by Kelly Campbell)
Learning and Teaching Resources
101 Free Online Collaborative Learning Tools
Math Activities for Kids
Crunch the Numbers: Do More Math, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
A Culinary Curriculum for Cultivating Foodie Kids
ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids
The Kids Guide to Simple Machines in Cars
Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators
Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids
Kids Know it Network
An Intro to Logistics for Kids
Astronomy for Kids
K-8 Space Education Resources

Homeschooling made easy!
(as submitted by Jenny Wise)
Botany Activities and Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and Online Resources for Educators
The Educator’s Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with over 100 Lesson Plans
In The Mix – Lesson Plans: “What is Depression?”
Teacher’s Guide to Developing Self-Esteem (Grades 9-12)
Helping Teens Develop Healthy Social Skills and Relationships
Unmasking Alcohol Manipulators: Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers
Active Learning Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking

Useful Program Resources for all ages
(as submitted by Damian Parker)

More Useful Program Resources for all ages
(suggestions submitted by literacy colleagues, teachers, & students)
A Guide to Simple Machines Used In Cars
Bedtime Stories for Kids
25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer
From Generation to Generation: Popular Bedtime Stories for Kids
Reading Skills and Great Books for Kids
A Guide to the Types of Essays
Teach to Read
Mrs. Pancake
Teaching Apps @ Teacher’s Pet
Physics for kids: Simple Machines in Automobiles

Other Phonics Programs

Read more about it from the experts!
Evidence Based Research Studies – Jolly Learning Ltd

FORUM: Using Jolly Phonics in the classroom

Reform Foundation Message Board

FORUM: Jollyworks– Jolly Phonics focus- Canadian Perspective
Can Do Education Ltd. (United Kingdom)


PHONEMIC AWARENESS TRAINING: APPLICATION OF PRINCIPLES OF DIRECT INSTRUCTION by:  Janet E. Spector Reading & Writing Quarterly , Volume 11, Issue 1, 1995, p 37-51


Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning about Print:
Marilyn Jagar Adams
ISBN: 0-262-51076-6 (PB), 0-262-01112-3 (HB)

Overcoming Dyslexia – A New And Complete Science-Based Program For Reading Problems At Any Level:
Sally Shaywitz, M.D.
ISBN: 0-679-78159-5

Speech to Print – Language Essentials for Teachers 2nd Edition:
Louisa Cook Moats
ISBN-13: 978-1-59857-050-2 ISBN -10: 1-59857-050-1

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: Barbara Arrowsmith Young
ISBN-10: 1451607946 | ISBN-13: 978-1451607949

Reading in the Brain: Stanislas Dehaene
ISBN 978-0-14-311805-3

Designing Early Literacy Programs: Strategies for At-Risk Preschool and Kindergarten Children: Lea M. McGee and Donald J. Richgels
ISBN: 1-57230-890-7

Early Reading Instruction – What Science Really Tells Us About How to Teach Reading
Diane McGuinness. ISBN: 0-262-13438-1

Step by Step Reading: Mona McNee
ISBN: 978-1-902984-83-4 (Suitable for older students)

Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science: What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know And Be Able To Do : American Federation of Teachers : Item # 372

Why Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It: Diane McGuinness
ISBN: 0-14-026697-6

Why Schoolchildren Can’t Read: Bonnie MacMillan
ISBN: 0-255-36403-2